Check Out These New Products

We are always adding new Bourbon, Whiskey, and Scotch so be sure to check in-store for new products!

New Products as of August 2022

New Product NameDescriptionTypeSizePrice
Antique PelinkovacHerbal LiqueurLiqueur700 ml28.99
Beat BoxPink LemonadeTetra500 ml3.99
BlueSauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc/Low-calorie Wines750 ml11.99
Brilla ProseccoProseccoSparkling750 ml15.99
Brilla Prosecco Rose’ProseccoSparkling750 ml15.99
Cazadores Ready to Drink CansCombo Pack of 6 CansReady to DrinkSix 12 oz cans18.99
Cupcake LightheartedSauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc/Low-calorie Wines750 ml10.99
Cupcake LightheartedRose’Rose’/Low-calorie wines750 ml10.99
Cupcake LightheartedPinot NoirPinot Noir/Low-calorie wine750 ml10.99
Deep Eddy Ready to DrinkLime Vodka SeltzerSeltzer12 oz2.99
Deep Eddy Ready to DrinkLemon Vodka SeltzerSeltzer12 oz2.99
Deep Eddy Ready to DrinkGrapefruit Vodka SeltzerSeltzer12 oz2.99
Francis CoppolaDiamond Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon750 ml18.99
GiacobazziLambruscoLambrusco1.5 L11.99
Gin Lane 1751 Violet GinGin750 ml28.99
ImageryCabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon750 ml15.99
ImageryPinot NoirPinot Noir750 ml15.99
ItalicusRose & Bergamot Italian LiqueurLiqueur750 ml38.99
JoshReserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Lodi)Cabernet Sauvignon750 ml19.99
Maestro Dobel Blanco TequilaTequila750 ml54.99
Mulheimer Riesling-MoselRiesling750 ml16.99
Rubirosa 4 Year RumDominican Rum Aged 4 YearsRum750 ml28.99
Rubirosa 8 Year RumDominican Rum Aged 8 YearsRum750 ml38.99
Stolichnaya Vodka LimeVodkaVodka1.0 L26.99
Truly VodkaPineapple Mango VodkaVodka1.0 L17.99
Truly VodkaWild Berry VodkaVodka1.0 L17.99
Wolffer Summer in a Bottle Rose’New York State Wines750 ml25.99

New Products as of July 2022

New Product NameDescriptionTypeSizePrice
Admiral NelsonCherry Spiced RumRum750 ml12.99
Aperol SpritzAperol SpritzReady to Drink200 ml3.99
Ardbeg ScotchAn Oa Single Malt ScotchScotch750 ml59.99
Barrel BombBourbon Barrel Red BlendRed Blend750 ml16.99
Batch & BottleGlenfiddich ManhattanReady to Drink375 ml15.99
Batch & BottleHendrick’s Gin MartiniReady to Drink375 ml15.99
Batch & BottleMonkey Shoulder Lazy Old FashionedReady to Drink375 ml15.99
Batch & BottleReyka Vodka CosmopolitanReady to Drink375 ml15.99
Beat Box Party Box 6 500ml TetrasSix Flavors 11.1% ABVReady to Drink3.0 L21.99
Captain Morgan RumPrivate StockRum750 ml32.99
Chateau PascaudBordeaux SuperieurFrench Wine750 ml14.99
Dept 66 The OthersRed Blend from Dave PhinneyRed Blend750 ml21.99
Devils RiverAgave BourbonMinis/Shots/50 ml50 ml0.99
Diplomatico Rum MantuanoMantuano RumRum750 ml27.99
Diplomatico Rum PlanasWhite Sipping RumRum750 ml27.99
Diplomatico Rum ReservaReserva RumRum750 ml39.99
Dos HombresMezcal Joven by Aaron Paul & Bryan CranstonMezcal750 ml59.99
Escudo RealVinho VerdePortuguese Wine750 ml9.99
Escudo RealVinho Verde Rose’Portuguese Wine750 ml9.99
Grainger’s DeluxeOrganic VodkaMinis/Shots/50 ml50 ml0.99
Hazlitt Red CatRed Cat 187 ml Mini WineNew York State Wine187 ml1.99
Hedges EstateCMS ChardonnayChardonnay750 ml14.99
Hedges EstateCMS Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon750 ml18.99
Hennessy VSOPVSOP CognacMinis/Shots/50 ml50 ml6.99
Hess SelectRose’Rose750 ml12.99
Honoro VeraRose’ of GarnachaRose’750 ml9.99
Les JamellesClair de Rose’French Wine750 ml13.99
Les JamellesChardonnayFrench Wine750 ml13.99
Maschio ProseccoExtra DrySparkling/Prosecco750 ml14.99
Maschio ProseccoExtra DrySparkling/Prosecco187 ml3.99
Murphy-GoodeMerlotMerlot750 ml12.99
Murphy-GoodePinot NoirPinot Noir750 ml13.99
Nave SurVerdejoSpanish White Wine750 ml7.99
Next Round Lime MargaritaLime Margarita TetraReady to Drink500 ml5.99
Next Round Lime MargaritaLime Margarita BoxReady to Drink1.5 L15.99
Next Round Rose’ SangriaSangria TetraReady to Drink500 ml5.99
Next Round Rose’ SangriaSangria BoxReady to Drink1.5 L15.99
Riunite Fruit FreshersBlack CherryPop Wines750 ml8.99
Riunite Fruit FreshersPeachPop Wines750 ml8.99
Riunite Fruit FreshersStrawberry BelliniPop Wines750 ml8.99
ShortbreadButtery ChardonnayChardonnay750 ml16.99
Smoke Wagon BourbonUncut the YoungerBourbon750 ml44.99
Talamonti BajoMontepulciano d’AbruzzoItalian Red Wine750 ml11.99
Talamonti TavoPinot GrigioItalian White Wine750 ml11.99
Yoga Pants Above the KneeCitrus GinNew York State Spirit/Gin750 ml21.99